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Elegant Indian and Arabic Mehndi Designs

About Elegant Indian and Arabic Mehndi Designs in beauty blog

Much like bridal fashion, trends in bridal mehndi designs are continuously evolving. From nature-inspired themes to boho or hipster style mehndi designs, there are so many options to choose from. It is understandable if you find yourself confused about which Mehndi Design you should pick for the D-day. To make the choice easier for you, we have picked out the latest trends in bridal mehndi designs for all modern brides-to-be.

Indian Style

In India, you are not a real bride if you do not have your hands and feet and sometimes other parts completely covered in Mehndi. The backhand Mehndi for a bride would, of course, be more elaborate and intricate than other designs. However, some brides might prefer to keep it simple. We have one simple and one slightly over the top design for you.

Arabic Style

Hailing from the Arabian region, Arabic mehndi designs are renowned worldwide for their elegant and contemporary appearances. This kind of mehndi design flows freely with sharp strokes and a mixture of different elements. Once applied, all the elements come together to form a wonderful concoction of aesthetic designs.

Arabic henna designs are not only the favorite of Indian women but also the top preference of Pakistani and Egyptian ladies as well. While some historians argue that henna was originated in the subcontinent of India, others say that it was brought to India by Egyptians in the 12th century. No matter where it might have originated, Indians have been applying mehendi since the beginning of times and have a huge significance towards it.

Mehendi in India is not just the art of drawing in one’s skin with graceful patterns, it has a lot of cultural as well as religious significance. Not only are they auspicious, but they are also considered a sign of good luck in Indian weddings. Women and even men in India apply mehendi on their arms and legs during their wedding to ward off the evil eye.

The most common Arabic mehndi include detailed floral patterns, leaf designs, paisley motifs, and circular mandala artwork. We have put together a list of different types of Arabic mehendi designs for some major artistic feels. Dive in and get the inspiration you were looking for!

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- Elegant Indian and Arabic Mehndi Designs
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